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 GTA Liberty San IV(2010/ENG)

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GTA Liberty San IV(2010/ENG) | PC | English | 2.5 GB

Genre: Action

GTA Liberty San IV it is fashions with GTA 4.Transport and a city Is reversed.! The set of the changed structuresand other visual effects do game more interesting....
If tosomeone has bothered standard GTA, it for you!!! As a matter of fact itis the same GTA 4 only with smaller system requirements.

Features of game:
At a fashion are present:
1. All transport is replaced.
2. The road is replaced.
3. Some structures and posters as in gta 4 are replaced.
4. It is replaced by the menu as in gta 4.
5. A part of missions from gta 4.
6. In Liberty San IV it is possible to take off also from a windshield at collision with car or a wall.
7. The drawing too is improved.
8. Also there is a statue of happiness with heart inside.
9. Passers-by are replaced.
10. Falling as in gta 4.
11. It is replaced скин on NICO.
12. The radar is replaced and on it it is possible to see where there is a police car.
13. The car also can burn as in GTA 4.
14. If to press P [ENG] there will be phone.
System requirements:
The processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
Memory: 512 Mb of memory
Video card: the 3D-accelerator about 128 Mb of memory
Disk space: 7 Gb on the winchester

1. To unpack archive in any folder. In a folder already established game.
2. To find a file gta sa to create a label.
3. To play from a label.

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GTA Liberty San IV(2010/ENG)
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